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Fire, Water Mould? We Have You Covered

Founded in 1994 by two entrepreneurs, Joe Colosimo and Dan Fantauzzi with extensive knowledge & background in the home building & construction industry who diversified their talents to the home restoration and home renovation marketplace.

Specializing in restoring residential properties damaged by natural and accidental occurrences such as fire, water and wind we have serviced the insurance industry and property owners alike with our dedication to outstanding workmanship, customer service and attention to detail.

From our research in the early 90's we discovered that most restoration contractors at the time were founded from cleaning companies with little knowledge of how a home is actually built. To restore a home you need to know how to build a home and how different kinds of unwanted occurrences such as fire and water can detrimentally affect the integrity of your most valued investment. Structurally, cosmetically, and environmentally. We believed this back in the early 90's and we maintain this same ideology today.

Great customer service. Quality installation. On time. On budget. Interested?