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Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration from leaks or floods is our specialty. At Colfan Restoration Systems we have the state of the art equipment and trained technicians to quickly remove the water in your property by extracting it and drying it out. We perform water damage clean up restoration for both residential and commercial properties. Most importantly we can mitigate your loss and stop further damage with our immediate response.

Water damage is a major contributor to loss of property because if not treated quickly it can quickly spread and cause further, large scale property loss.

Water damage can come from many sources and must be treated differently depending on the source. At Colfan Restorations we have the equipment and highly trained technicians to properly clean up the water, stop further damage and treat the affected areas to restore your property to pre-loss condition.

Water Damage Restoration process

1st step: Remove all standing water with water extractor and pumps then dry all surfaces.

2nd step: Carpets and padding are pulled up. Floors are dried completely.

3rd step: Important documents, works of art, furniture, draperies, computers, appliances and other electronic equipment are thoroughly dried and brought back to pre-damage conditions whenever possible.

4th step: Finally, the site is decontaminated and disinfected to kill bacteria resulting from organic waste with specially formulated antimicrobial solutions.

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